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Calling all donkey and mule handlers! Come join in on the first ever Maxville Fair Long Ears Show! Please note that this is a fun lead line or long line show only: no saddles or vehicles please.

Maxville Fair

Long Ears Schooling Obstacle Courses

June 24, 2018 Prize List


ORGANIZER………………………………………………………Hilary Beaty



16735 Cty Rd 36, Long Sault, ON K0C 1P0





JUNE 24, 2018, 1pm to 4pm

Show to start at 1:00pm.

Class # Class Name Time(approx.)

1 Practice – 15 min. 1:00

2 Easy Obstacles 1:20

3 Medium Obstacles 2:00

4 Challenging Obstacles 2:40

5 Hat Parade 3:20

6 Games (if time allows) 3:30 – 4:00


Entry fees: No entry fees, but please contact Show Secretary to make your entry, by June 22, 2018.

 All participants MUST pay a Kenyon Agricultural Society membership fee, $5 for adults and $1 for juniors under 18.

 Ribbons will be given to 6th place in all classes

 Parking is FREE

 All competitors must show proof of at least $2,000,000 liability insurance coverage, and negative Coggins Test.


1. Equine Canada, Drive Canada, the Maxville Fair Board, the Kenyon Agricultural Society, the officials and personnel, and any property owners of land used for the competition, will not be responsible for any claim resulting from injury(ies) to any person or animal, or loss or damage to property incurred on the show grounds, parking/staging/stabling area, or in the show ring. Furthermore, in all situations the showman assumes the responsibility and liability for any injury or damage to themselves, to helpers and/or spectators.

2. This event is run with the rules and regulations of Equine Canada as a guide. For complete rules, see Equine Canada Rules, Section C. All changes/modifications to Equine Canada Rules that are stated in this Prize List will over rule.

3. The purpose of this event is to promote driving/showing in a fun and safe manner. Please check your equipment before arriving at the show. Anyone who has faulty equipment will be required to fix or replace it before competing. Bring your sportsman like behavior and your smiles.

4. The Committee reserves the right to combine or cancel any class as necessary.

5. Stallions are prohibited for this schooling show.

6. All animals must be serviceably sound, specifically, must not show evidence of lameness, broken wind or impairment of vision in both eyes. In the case of any protest on this ground, the Judge will have the protested animal examined, and their decision will be final.

7. No dogs allowed in the show ring for this schooling show.

General Class Rules

1. In all classes the showman will wear a hat or helmet, and gloves. An appropriate driving whip/crop may be carried while showing.

2. Harness/halters/bridles can be any style, fabric or color, as long as it is in sound condition and fits the horse.

3. Showmen will be allowed to walk the course before the first class begins, to inspect the obstacles. Moving of an obstacle in any manner is prohibited. If there seems to be a problem, bring it to the Show Secretary and it will be explained or rectified if need be.

4. Course diagrams may be obtained from the Show Secretary.

5. After passing the starting line, the driver shall proceed through each obstacle in order to the designated finish line.

6. Time will be used to break ties.

Individual Class Rules

Class #1 – Practice

 All entries are allowed into the show ring for 15 minutes to walk around the obstacles. You may walk your animal around the obstacles but not thru them as they would be on the course. Take turns and watch your distance between other animals.

Class #2 , #3, #4 – Obstacles

 Entries do the courses one at a time. For Classes #2 and #3, animals must be lead around the course. Class #4 can be lead or line driven. Extra points will be given if animal is line driven.

 You must start each class by going through the Start markers, follow the courses as they are laid out in the course designs, and finish by going through the finish markers. (Start and finish markers will probably be the same).

 Points -

o 1 point given for attempting an obstacle

o 4 points given for completing an obstacle

o 5 points given for line driving

o -1 point taken away for each knock down, step out, step off, disobedience, etc. (-5 max. per obstacle)

 Entry with the most points will win the class.

Class #5 – Hat Parade

 All entries will enter the show ring together and proceed in an counter-clockwise direction, and follow judges directions.

 Animals must wear hats and will be judged on originality, cuteness, willingness to be dressed up and obedience.

Class #6 – Games

 If time allows, games can be played. (Sack race, barrel race).

 Games will be explained on the day.

Maxville Fair Long Ears

Maxville Fair Long Ears Show - Entry form - WORD