Kenyon Agricultural Society
2018 Board of Directors – To be updated

President – Jeff MacLean
1st. Vice President – Steve Rolland
2nd Vice President – Kris MacLeod
Secretary – Patsy MacKinnon
Treasurer – Cynthia Weve (acting)
Past President – Mavis Robertson


Jerome Andre
Andrew Arkinstall
Erin Blair
Glen Campbell
Lyndon Conboy
Ian Fraser
Jim Hambleton
Kyle Jeaurond
Will Kippen
Ronnie Leroux
Blake MacDonnell
Garry MacQueen
Gary Martin
Sueanne McMillan
Eric Metcalfe
Katherine Morrow
Wes Munroe
Dale Murray
Elaine Shields
Annie St. Denis
Kevin Villeneuve
Michael Villeneuve
Paul Villeneuve
Pierre Villeneuve
Cynthia Wever